16 July 2010

Get Clean Water

I'm excited to share a new product that was just released this week from Shaklee - it's Get Clean Water.  Here's a little bit about this great new product:

"Get Clean Water is a new multipatented water filtration system. Unlike other water pitchers, Get Clean Water uses a solid block of carbon to clean your water, reducing some pretty nasty contaminants—including up to 99 percent of lead.
Get Clean Water is the first pitcher to use a refillable carbon-block filter system so there's less plastic to throw away. And it filters 80 gallons of water per filter—twice as much as Brita® and PUR®."

Beats Leading Brands
Certified to reduce lead (Brita® and PUR® are not!)
Certified to filter 80 gallons—twice as much as Brita® and PUR®
First-ever pitcher with refillable carbon-block filter system
The Smart Choice
Costs only pennies a gallon
First automatic pitcher meter that shows gallons filtered
Healthy great-tasting water

Here are a couple information sheets that compare Get Clean Water with other brands and detail the Get Clean System if you're interested - click on the links for a closer look and/or a download:

I'd love for you to visit my Shaklee shop and check out the water filtering system a little more.
Have a great weekend!

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